..:::::..              .:::::::::::.             :::::::::::::::            :::::::::::::::::            :::::::_/|:::::::             ::::=/_/:::::::              `:_/ |::::::'           (   /  ,|:::''            \_/^\/||__         _/~  `""~`"` \_      __/  -'/  `-._ `\_\__    /jgs  /-'`  `\   \  \-.\ bruno.cardoso AT gmail +++ Book Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries - Aug 26, 2014 - Packt Publishing LLVM is a bleeding edge compiler technology framework. Easily extendable and designed as a multitude of libraries, LLVM provides a smooth experience for compiler newcomers and reduces the steep learning curve often associated with compiler development. To start, this book will show you how to configure, build, and install LLVM libraries, tools, and external projects. Next, you will be introduced to LLVM design and how it works in practice throughout each LLVM compiler stage: frontend, IR, backend, the JIT engine, cross-compilation capabilities, and the plugin interface. With multiple hands-on examples and source code snippets, Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries ensures a solid and smooth first step into the LLVM compiler development environment.